diacritical pointの例文


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  1. In these inscriptions, many letters are already provided with diacritical points.
  2. The basmalah is in essence contained in the first letter, Ba, and this again in its diacritical point, which thus symbolizes principal Unity.
  3. The Syriac column is written in Nestorian character, with occasional vowel-points and signs of punctuation, the Arabic column has a few diacritical points.
  4. The diacritical points were added around the turn of the eighth century on orders of al-Hajjaj ibn Yusuf, governor of Iraq ( 694 714 ).
  5. The writing is in two columns per page, in 29-34 lines per column, in fine, large, and bold estrangela letters, with a few diacritical points.


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