1. An example of the former, is Loeb s sensil, an optic fibre system in which the quantum dot is attached to ConA whilst tetramethylrhodamine is attached to cyclodextran, which in turn is attached to the PEG diacrylate scaffold.
  2. Several facets of the Lady Precept's design have been patented : a striated zinc diacrylate core with " intertwined molecular construction " and an advanced thin Surlyn cover with " quasicosahedral dimple pattern " that produces " a mid-trajectory flight for optimal distance with less dispersion ."
  3. An optic-fibre-based hydrogel-entrapped biosensor for glucose was made in the lab of Loeb ( Liao and colleagues ) and was named Sencil . this sensor was composed of a photocrosslinked diacrylate-modified PEG hydrogel containing the tetra-rhodamine ( TRITC ), labelled competitor betacyclodextrin and the quantum dot-labelled apoenzyme Concanavalin A . This sensor was tested only in vitro for functionality; however, some tests were done to see the compatibility of the fibre implanted transdermally in mice.


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