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  1. The rally coincided with the celebration Wednesday of " La Diada " or the region's national holiday.
  2. This event is now commemorated as the National Day of Catalonia, known in Catalan as the " Diada Nacional de Catalunya ".
  3. "Diada de Sant Narc韘 " is starred by Marrecs and Minyons de Terrassa since 1996, and since 2007 also by Capgrossos de Matar?
  4. La Diada de Sant Jordi, held on 23 April, is an old Catalan celebration in which men give women roses, and women give men a book . ]]
  5. The Catalan " Diada " or National Day of Catalonia is on September 11, after the defeat and surrender of Barcelona to the French-Castilian army of Philip V of Spain and his supporters during the War of Spanish Succession.


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