dibenzyl ketoneの例文


  1. I couldn't find a structure determination for dibenzyl ketone.
  2. Amongst Gr鋌e's students was Vera Bogdanovskaia, an early victim of the inherent risks of chemical research ( dying as a result of later independent research on methylidynephosphane ); her doctoral dissertation under Gr鋌e was on dibenzyl ketone ( 1892 ).
  3. One method is where phenylacetic acid is reacted with acetic anhydride and anhydrous potassium acetate and refluxed for two hours at 140 " 150 癈 the mixture is distilled slowly so that the distillate is mostly acetic acid, from 45 minutes into the distillation carbon dioxide is released, the distillation takes 75 minutes, carbon dioxide is still being evolved when distillation is stopped the resultant liquid is a mixture of dibenzyl ketone and minor impurities, note if this mixture is heated above 200 " 205 癈 resinification occurs with a decrease in the yield of the ketone.


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