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  1. Military helicopters were used to drop 50 tons of food near Diber, close to the Macedonian border.
  2. Its commander, Terzilio Cardinali, was killed in action on July 8, 1944, during fights in the Diber region.
  3. There are Kadri tekkes in Tirana, Berat and Peqin, but the main center of the Kadris is Peshkopia in Diber County.
  4. After the villages of Dolno Kosovrasti, Dolni Melni ani, Gorenci and Raj ica, the Radika empties into the Black Drin, just south of Debar Diber.
  5. The highway is planned to stretch along an ancient caravan route passing through the eastern highlands of Tirana along SH61, and ending at the current SH6 in Diber County.


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