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  1. At the Heraion, Agamemnon was chosen to lead the Argives against Troy, according to a legend recorded by Dictys of Crete.
  2. According to Aristotle and Dictys of Crete, Nausica?later married Telemachus, the son of Odysseus, and had a son named Ptoliporthus.
  3. According to Aristotle and Dictys of Crete, Telemachus married Nausicaa, King Alcinous'daughter, and fathered a son named Perseptolis or Ptoliporthus.
  4. In the 3rd century CE, a certain Septimius produced what appeared to be a Latin translation of an eyewitness account to the Trojan War by Dictys of Crete.
  5. Finally, the " Ephemeris " attributed to Dictys of Crete, who claims to have been present at the Trojan War, was probably written in the 1st century CE or perhaps a little earlier.


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