1. The commercial route involves a two step process starting with the reaction of dicyandiamide with ammonium salts.
  2. The presence of AMO has been confirmed on many substrates that are nitrogen inhibitors such as dicyandiamide, ammonium thiosulfate, and nitrapyrin.
  3. About 15 % of the samples had detectable levels of dihydro-1, 3, 5-triazine or a high dicyandiamide concentration.
  4. Various types of curing agents, used in FBE manufacture, include dicyandiamide, aromatic amines, aliphatic diamines, etc . The selected curing agent determines the nature of the final FBE product  its cross linking density, chemical resistance, brittleness, flexibility etc . The ratio of epoxy resins and curing agents in a formulation is determined by their relative equivalent weights.


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