dismantled shipの例文


  1. The lumber from their dismantled ships was converted into siege towers which were instrumental in the successful taking of the city on 15 July.
  2. Conference delegates are expected to draft national and international guidelines for dismantling ships, and for better safety and health standards in the trade, an ILO statement said.
  3. Alangs has a huge industry dismantling ships for scrap, employing more than 25, 000 people and producing about 3 million metric tons ( 3.3 million US tons ) of scrap each year.
  4. :" Among the unexpected discoveries at Berenike were a range of ancient Indian goods, including the largest single concentration ( 7.55 kg ) of black peppercorns ever recovered in the classical Mediterranean world (  imported from southern India and found inside a large vessel made of Nile silt in a temple courtyard ); substantial quantities of Indian-made fine ware and kitchen cooking ware and Indian style pottery; Indian-made sail cloth, basketry, matting, etc . from trash dumps; a large quantity of teak wood, black pepper, coconuts, beads made of precious and semi-precious stones, cameo blanks;  a Tamil Brahmi graffito mentioning Korra, a South Indian chieftain; evidence that  inhabitants from Tamil South India ( which then included most of Kerala ) were living in Berenike, at least in the early Roman period; evidence that the Tamil population implied the probable presence of Buddhist worshippers; evidence of Indians at another Roman port 300 km north of Berenike; Indian-made ceramics on the Nile road; a rock inscription mentioning an Indian passing through en route;  abundant evidence for the use of ships built and rigged in India; and proof  that teak wood ( endemic to South India ), found in buildings in Berenike, had clearly been reused ( from dismantled ships ) ."


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