1. in 1870 , the next year of haruo ' s death , the new government resolutely carried out the dismantlement of onmyoryo .
  2. initially , it was decided to destroy the court , but nisuke matsumoto , an alumnus of ritsumeikan university , contributed to the dismantlement of the court and its complete reconstruction in suekawa memorial hall .
  3. along with the dismantlement of the collections hall and the construction of centennial hall (tentative name ), the regular exhibition was halted on december 7 , 2008 , and the museum will be closed except for periods of special exhibitions at the main hall (special exhibition hall ) (although special exhibitions will be given as usual ).
  4. the following projects are under way: dismantlement of the collections hall (december 2008 ); the plan for construction of centennial hall for regular exhibitions (tentative name; designed by yoshio taniguchi , with construction work from january 31 , 2009 and completion scheduled for march 31 , 2013 ); the plan to build the south gate museum shop (tentative name; designed by yoshio taniguchi , with construction work from july 1 , 2008 and completion scheduled for january 31 , 2009 ).


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