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  1. Pass reinsurance , enlarge accept insurance capacity to insurance company , run a risk dispersedly , stabilize operation result , raise economic benefits , have main effect
  2. Based on the theory of associated and decentralized control , this paper introduces the modeling method of ac / dc power system and control law deriving , which can be realized dispersedly and guarantee the stability of the system with optimal performance
  3. The upside host computer fasten on controlling each downside i / o interface crate on the communication chain , and downside i / o interface crates directly connect with control panel or other hardware devices and dispersedly control each input and output channels of the interface system
  4. This paper briefly introduces the basical principles of finite element method which can be used for analysis of vehicles structure , describes the principles and methods of design optimization for vehicles structure parameters , establishes the finite element models of semi - dragging trucks , which is used to load cement dispersedly and container semi - dragging trucks , applying the ansys software , calculates the static strength , then proves the calculation results to be accurate by means of non - electric charge surveying experiment . at the same time , the author puts forward the model and methods of optimization design for structure parameters of vehicle frames , exploits the applied software of semi - dragging trucks , does optimization design . analyzes the feasibility of the optimization results , then gives the structure improve direction . besides this , the author has had initiative research about interface software , etc
  5. In consideration of the special mission characteristics and technical requirement of high altitude long endurance unmanned aerial vehicle , an authentic real - time and space - time windfield integrated model is accomplished to take atmosphere environment influences into account . at the same time , we should analyze the dynamics the uav encounters dispersedly , so the " finite scale " aircraft concept is quoted


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