disperseing mediumの例文


  1. The effects of dispersion techniques , disperse medium , ph and the concentration of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose ( cmc ) on the suspension stability of graphite were carried out
  2. One of the key elements is to analyze and know initial crust stress field to solve the problem . while traditional theory , such as classical pressure theory and theory of dispersed medium pressure , can not meet the requirements of engineering
  3. The multilayer composite including a hard component tz - 3y20a and a plastic soft component mo has been fabricated by particle sedimentation method . by choosing appropriate settling parameters and dispersed medium , the tz - 3y20a / mo multilayer composite has been obtained via alternating deposition of tz - 3y20a and mo according to the design of individual layer thickness and layer thickness " ratio
  4. The best dosage of dispersant and disperse medium , and the best time of ultrasonic disperse . secondly , the bp neural network process parameters model which describes the relationship between the important process parameters of the preparation of superfine quartz powder and the important evaluate guidelines was built , based on experimentation data . the forecast of the important guidelines was achieved with this model


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