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  1. MPC can make products more heat stable, and it can provide solubility and dispersibility when used.
  2. Polyethylene glycolcould bind to the hydrophobic surface of SWNHs to enhance their dispersibility in water for further application in drug delivery.
  3. To improve the water dispersibility and emulsification properties, the carboxylic acids comprising lactylates can be group 2 metals such as sodium or calcium.
  4. The most distinguished advantage of this method is that pyrene compounds are absorpted on CNTs, which improves the solubility of CNTs, together with dispersibility and charge transfer ability of loaded nanoparticles.
  5. The combination of dispersibility in biocompatible media, spontaneous incorporation into cell membranes, and apparent low toxicity, makes FSL constructs suitable as research tools and for the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic applications.


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