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  1. Of particular note was Moore's development of the ULDB, or ultralight displacement boat, which particularly excelled in windy downwind sailing conditions.
  2. The Academy boasts 2 38ft yachts, 5 rigid hulled inflatable boats ( RIBs ), 2 displacement boats, workshops and research and development facilities.
  3. The 1970s saw Santa Cruz and the yacht club come to the forefront of the Ultra Light Displacement Boat ( ULDB ) movement that revolutionized yacht racing.
  4. Transpac organizers make much of the fact that Merlin, one of the first light-displacement boats ever built, still holds the monohull race record, set 20 years ago at 8 days 11 hours.
  5. The purpose of this is to combine the good handling and seakeeping of the semi-displacement boat, and its economy at slow speeds  with the efficiency of a planing hull at higher speeds.


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