do good deedsの例文


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  1. there has to be a willingness to do good deeds
  2. if you're sincere toward the great cat and do good deeds
    お猫様に誠意を持って よい行いをしていけば
  3. he had 32 acquaintances and friends with whom to learn and do good deeds , and after death he was reborn in the second world above on the top of mt . shumisen .
  4. even when trying to do good deeds , it was not just a matter knowing the criteria for good and bad but , in essence there was no set basis of judgment of good or evil .
  5. these first two sentences of shichibutsu tsukaige (verse of the admonishment of the seven buddha ' s ) have the meaning ' do not commit evil , do good deeds .'


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