door arm restの例文


  1. He has invented products such as The Paw Guard, a device to keeping your dog from digging his nails in to your car door arm rest while the dog looks outside the window.
  2. Hudson automobiles were more fully equipped than competitive makes, and all Hudson models received door arm rests, twin air-horns, ashtrays, windshield wipers, stop lights, locking glove box, sealed beam headlights, and deep pile carpeting.
  3. The W124 also featured a driver's side airbag ( optional in Europe, later standard in the USA ), height-adjustable seat belts with electronic-mechanical pre-tensioneers ( standard ) for both front passengers, rear seat belts which automatically adapted to the size of the passengers ( standard ), pedals that were moved inversely in a frontal impact ( away from the drivers feet and in the direction of the bulkhead separating the cabin from the engine ) and door arm rests with deformable elements designed to reduce abdominal injury risk resulting from a side impact.


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