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  1. The Galaxie four-door hardtop's rear door trim panel, however, was fitted to the Ranger.
  2. The presidential logo is positioned in the center of the rear-seat back panel as well as on each door trim panel.
  3. New door trim panels for both the LX and LXi versions feature unique trim bezels, backlit switches and diagonal pull handles.
  4. A slight facelift in 1991 gave the cars smoother style rear lights and reflector panel, a slightly longer tailgate top spoiler, and a revised interior trim with fabric also on the door trim panels.
  5. The "'GT "'featured a blacked-out grille, dual body-side tape stripes, high-back bucket seats, wheel trim rings, dual racing mirrors, bright window frames, black instrument panel, deluxe door trim panels, and a simulated hood scoop.


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