1. From these facts , it is believed that although koseki and keicho were not made and the law of handen shuju ho was not enacted in the taika era , some demographic investigation (such as door-to-door investigation ) was made .
  2. After that , children who hold barrels and bales break up into groups and go door-to-door in respective area , accompanied by nanori-sendo boatmen wearing a red livery coat with a chochin (japanese paper lantern ) labeled as ' deguchi-daimyojin .'
  3. Gyosho generally refers to those who do business through door-to-door sales with regular customers , but in suburbs or areas with a small trade-area , the main customers of monouri may also be regular customers , and tofu , natto (fermented soybeans ), vegetables , and fish monouri tend to fall under this category .
    - 行商とは一般的には固定客への訪問販売によって商売をする者を指すが、郊外や商圏の規模の小さい所では物売りであっても、固定客が主な客層である場合もあり、特に豆腐や納豆や野菜や魚の物売りなどがこの傾向にある。
  4. Monouri partly overlaps with food stalls , peddlers , and stallholders , but differs from them in that monouri does not necessarily use the food stall , that peddlers mainly sell goods to fixed customers by door-to-door sales , and that street vendors do their businesses by occupying their places in bazaar or small-town festivals .


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