dorsal borderの例文


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  1. The ears are small with dorsal borders folded laterally.
  2. The occiput was broad and deep, but the skull was more narrow in the dorsal border.
  3. The hindwings are black between veins seven and eight, and have a dark grey dorsal border.
  4. On its upper part is an oblique ridge, which runs from the dorsal end of the radial notch, downward to the dorsal border; the triangular surface above this ridge receives the insertion of the Supinator, the abductor pollicis longus, the extensor pollicis longus, and the extensor indicis proprius.
  5. The "'dorsal border "'( " margo dorsalis; posterior border " ) begins above at the back of the neck, and ends below at the posterior part of the base of the styloid process; it separates the posterior from the lateral surface . is indistinct above and below, but well-marked in the middle third of the bone.


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