dorsal branchの例文


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  1. The nephroduct is long and looped with a dorsal branch extending backward and a ventral branch forward.
  2. The muscle is supplied by the inferior gluteal nerve which arises from the dorsal branches of the ( S2 ) sacral nerves.
  3. Lateral lines with a slight curve run over the pectoral fin and a complete lack of an accessory dorsal branch is found within this species.
  4. As this primordia begins to undergo epithelialization the anterior portions of the pronephros form rounded protrusions, which then later become the dorsal branches of the pronephros that link to nephrostomes ( distinct from nephrotomes ).
  5. Each also gives off a couple of dorsal branches which anastomose with the dorsal digital arteries, and supply the soft parts on the back of the second and third phalanges, including the matrix of the fingernail.


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