dorsal cellの例文


  1. It will eventually translocate to the nucleus to bind TCF3 in order to activate several genes that induce dorsal cell characteristics.
  2. However, if the dorsal half of the eye is replaced by less mature dorsal part, ventral neurons can replace the pioneer pathway of the dorsal cells, after some delay.
  3. Like other Rac / Cdc42 / RhoUV members, GTP-bound TCL interacts with CRIB domains, such as those found in PAK and WASP . TCL produces large and dynamic F-actin-rich ruffles on the dorsal cell membrane in REF-52 fibroblasts.
  4. Together with his colleagues, he discovered Chordin, a protein secreted by dorsal cells that binds Bone Morphogenetic Protein ( BMP ) growth factors facilitating their transport to the ventral side of the embryo, where Chordin is digested by a protease called Tolloid, so that BMPs can signal again.
  5. In contrast to the model based on functional morphology described earlier, in the Epitheliozoa concept the ventral and dorsal cell layers of the Placozoa are homologs of endoderm and ectoderm, the two basic embryonic cell layers of the eumetazoans  the digestive " gastrodermis " in the Cnidaria or the gut epithelium in the bilaterally symmetrical Bilateria may have developed from endoderm, whereas ectoderm is, among other things, the precursor to the external skin layer ( epidermis ).


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