dorsal segmentの例文


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  1. It has three parts : a ventral or frontal extension, an intermediary segment called the isthmus or insular segment and a temporal or dorsal segment.
  2. The upper side of the loop is silvery-metallic and there is a silvery-metallic dot on the upper extremity of the dorsal segment.
  3. Also, the apical dorsal segment may be blue for " Ef . mexicana ", particularly for females . " Ef . surinamensis " females are never blue.
  4. There is an irregular line from one-fifth of the costa to the middle of the dorsum reduced to a short costal and larger dorsal segment, with a short dash in the middle between them.
  5. It has eleven posteriorly spinose dorsal segments with a median pair of tubercles on the upper border of the stigmal field . " Lucilia " larvae have posterior spiracles and tend to be larger larvae ranging from 9 18 mm in length.


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