dorsal spaceの例文


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  1. The submedian space is tinged with pale greyish-ochreous, the dorsal space suffused with ochreous-grey.
  2. The forewings are light pearly grey with all the veins clearly and thinly outlined in dark lead grey and with the dorsal space below the fold shaded with the same darker color.
  3. The forewings are snow-white, with a rather broad brown costal band, the dorsal space beneath the fold being also completely filled with brown, from which a brown streak is ejected outward in the direction of the apex.
  4. The forewings are whitish ochreous, tinged here and there with brownish, with some scattered blackish specks and with a blackish-grey spot on the base of the costa, its edge marked with a black dot above the middle of the wing, the corresponding dorsal space whitish.
  5. The veins towards the costa are posteriorly marked with black lines and there is a cloudy semicircular dark grey blotch on the dorsum before the middle, and a transverse blotch at three-fourths, the dorsal space between these and the whole terminal area, except towards the costa in females, grey.


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