double cascadeの例文


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  1. For this reason, this doubler cascade is sometimes also referred to as the "'Greinacher multiplier " '.
  2. A double cascade falls against a low wall carved with small niches ( chini khanas ), behind the pavilion.
  3. The Feigenbaum scaling function provides a complete description of the attractor of the logistic map at the end of the period-doubling cascade.
  4. The bifurcation is found in an orbit that is born in a global saddle-loop bifurcation, becomes chaotic in a period doubling cascade, and disappears in the blue sky catastrophe.
  5. The second generation Niagara will maintain the features of the original machine, such as the double cascade water flow pattern, fuzzy logic that senses the weight of clothes to prescribe the right amount of water and detergent for each wash.


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