double casingの例文


  1. Early examples of this model with the double case backs are rare and highly sought after, often fetching more than double the price of a later model.
  2. In 1961, Edox launched the " Delfin " line of watches, with industry-first double case backs for water resistance to 200 meters.
  3. The two fathers are shocked to find their sons and daughters; the quartet claim that they too have married, in what appears to be a double case of incest.
  4. The " Delfin " line of watches launched in 1961, with industry-first double case backs for high standards of shock protection, water resistance, and ruggedness.
  5. The double platoon is easily identifiable from the real one due to their differently shaped eyes, and their somewhat curled feet ( and, in Kururu's double case, a conic head ), but Fuyuki and Natsumi were unable to notice the difference.


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