double changeの例文


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  1. Anderson's double changed everything and the fans in red screeched and stomped their feet.
  2. Bradman then made a double change and brought on the two left-arm pacemen, Bill Johnston and Ernie Toshack.
  3. The " Baggies " began confidently, but were rocked by first-half injuries to Darren Moore and Cosmin Contra, forcing Bryan Robson into a double change.
  4. The double change make the difference and Flo chested down a left wing cross for Babayaro to fire home a right foot shot in the 75th minute.
  5. Mitchell made a double change in the 48th, with Kees Meeuws coming into the front row for Dave Hewett and Byron Kelleher on for the injured Marshall at scrumhalf.


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