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  1. From the time he was a student at Cooper Union, Paul's video works focused on single and double channel pieces.
  2. What's the practical performance difference between single and double channel, and what would happen if I were to put in only 1 dimm.
  3. The channel was originally formed in September 2006 at Lithuania, at January 2009 it got re-formed to double channel including both Lithuania and Latvia and targeted audiences in Lithuania and Latvia.
  4. "More Sex Tips " is so successful _ attracting 2 million viewers an episode, double Channel 4's average _ the network will broadcast a sequel next year, said Matt Baker, the channel's head of publicity.
  5. Coverage of that disappointing early March 2001 nor'easter that landed later and lighter than predicted doubled Channel 5's typical news ratings at 6 a . m . and noon, and added about 100, 000 households to its early evening newscasts.


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