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  1. Every place we go, we draw a full house.
  2. The game, which is expected to draw a full house of 75, 000 spectators, honors the club's unparalleled achievements in the sport.
  3. But he has discovered that there are fewer impediments to live performances, including at the prestigious Karl Marx Theater here, where he draws a full house whenever he is allowed to play.
  4. "The Mousetrap " often draws a full house in the tourist-heavy summertime, but on a recent night, only about one-third of the 550 seats were filled.
  5. Those wisenheimers at 20th and Blake held their two-- count'em-- two July 4 Fireworks Nights on July 2 and July 3 because they thought they could draw a full house July 4 without doing anything.


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