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  1. According to Orthodox authorities, while driving on Shabbat is prohibited directly because of the combustion of fuel, modern automobiles also have numerous electrical components whose operation is prohibited during Shabbat.
  2. One rationale permitting driving on Shabbat is that in society where cars are common, it is more'restful'to drive to observe a positive mitzvah ( attending Shabbat services ).
  3. Citing for example the " takana " of driving on Shabbat for the exclusive purpose of going back and forth to synagogue, critics note today few Conservative actually just drive to synagogue ( including the Rabbinical and Lay leadership ) while some do not drive at all.
  4. During the 1990s, the Conservative-affiliated Masorti Movement in Israel took the stricter view and banned all driving on Shabbat on the basis that no one in Israel works on Shabbat, and that it is possible to pray at home simply by opening a siddur.
  5. *The CJLS accepted a responsum which holds that if a person rides to synagogue on Shabbat, with the intention of fulfilling Shabbat mitzvot, and that if no other driving on Shabbat is done, then that person will not be held as being in violation of halakha.


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