1. Dubravica Elementary School was an important centre for the detention of over 300 Bosniaks by the HVO between 16 30 April 1993.
  2. It was routed by Lazar's nobles Crep Vukoslavi and Vitomir in the Battle of Dubravica, fought near the town of Parain.
  3. Kri ~ an evo Selo is a hamlet situated near the town of Vitez, near the larger villages of Dubravica and ` antii.
  4. Refugees arriving from Bijeljina Friday said Djurkovic's gang got into a firefight with a Bosnian Serb army unit that refused to let him use its position near Gornja Dubravica to transfer the Muslims from Bijeljina, Kessler said.
  5. The Illyrian movement of Slavic independence in Croatia can also be traced to Zapreai through two of its citizens : Ivan Perkovac ( 1826 71 ), publicist from Harmica, Brdovec, editor of " Vijenac " and " Pozor ", secretary of Matica hrvatska, and a member of Sabor, the Croatian parliament; and Pavao ` toos ( 1806 62 ), a poet, a priest, and an important member of the Illyrian movement from Dubravica.


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