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  1. A public instrument is generally admissible in evidence without the necessity of preliminary proof of its authenticity and due execution.
  2. Before entering on the duties of their office, the Prime Minister and other Ministers must take and subscribe ( sign ) the Oath of Allegiance and an oath for the due execution of their offices before the President.
  3. The strict interpretation by the courts of the credibility of witnesses led to the passing of an Act in 1751-1752, making interested witnesses sufficient for the due execution of the will, but declaring gifts to them void.
  4. The Supreme Court is also a Court of Equity vested with powers, authority, and jurisdiction to administer justice and to do all acts for the due execution of such equitable jurisdiction, in all cases where no legal remedy is provided by any enactment.
  5. The General Parliament may also, from time to time, establish additional Courts, and the General Government may appoint Judges and Officers thereof, when the same shall appear necessary or for the public advantage, in order to the due execution of the laws of Parliament.


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