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  1. Dussasana was devoted to his older brother Duryodhana.
  2. After the terrible death of Dussasana, he ordered his charioteer Shalya to move towards Arjuna, Karna deciding to finish him off for once and all.
  3. In another version, a badly wounded and exhausted Abhimanyu was finally killed by Dussasana's son, who smashed the fallen Abhimanyu's head with his mace.
  4. The sequence Dussasana pulling Draupadi's Sari was shot by throwing a bundle of tied saris from a height by a man away from the camera sitting on a plank and were shot separately by Cinematographer S . C . Shinde.
  5. He defeated great warriors like Drona, & Kripa, who did play with full might and then, Ashwatthama, Duryodhana, Salya, Dussasana, Bhurisrava and killed many prominent heroes including Duryodhana's son King Brihadbala and many others ..


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