1. Among his others teachers were Alberto Neuman, Th閞鑣e Dussaut, Olga Lartshenko and Dora Rybac.
  2. "' Alfred Dussaut "'( 1850 1906 ) was the first Draughts World Champion from France.
  3. Malinin was active as a concert pianist mainly in the USSR area, but also performed in Japan, USA, Great Britain, Poland, Spain and France, where he settled as a pedagogue, founding with Th閞鑣e Dussaut a music institute ( 1988 91 ).
  4. Sergei has recorded four CDs : Sergei Plays Sergei and Alexander, solo piano works of Rachmaninoff and Scriabin; Shostakovich, Music for Two Pianos with French pianist, Therese Dussaut; " Music for Clarinet and Piano with Ukrainian prodigy, Alexander Bedenko; and Sergei Polusmiak, Beautiful Music For Friends; The Language of Feelings.


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