easter fridayの例文


  1. On Easter Friday in 1808 the Turks launched a sneak attack on Deligrad.
  2. Blumberg also commented on the discussions with ANZ Bank on Easter Friday to which Mr Steinberg referred.
  3. On a muggy Easter Friday in a crowded shopping district, Hong Kong democracy campaigners launched what they said was their last big push for human rights before China takes over.
  4. Since the date of Easter is calculated differently by Eastern and Western Christians, the date of the Western Churches'Easter Friday will often be different from the Eastern Bright Friday.
  5. Also of significant in the history of Lomaloma was the event recorded on Easter Friday 1854, when Maafu responded to the startling news to Rev Dr Lyth the resident minister on Lakeba, from Mataiasi Vave a fellow Tongan on Vanua Balavu of a multiple killing  reminiscent of St Bartholomews Day.


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