electronic grapevineの例文


  1. In places like Charlotte, N . C ., and Phoenix, the details come through the electronic grapevine.
  2. And yet, as more companies come to recognize the perils of the electronic grapevine, Ewatch and other monitoring agents are finding that their real competitors are often their would-be clients.
  3. Their conclusions were distorted by repetition on the electronic grapevine into a full-blown conspiracy theory : that the CIA, figuratively speaking, had rammed a crack pipe down millions of Americans'throats.
  4. Marketers believe at least 10 million American women could be interested in using the electronic grapevine to help broaden contacts in their field, pick up tips on prospective jobs or contracts or rally informal groups united in some common cause.
  5. For Becky Juarez, a chatty teen-ager who recently graduated from high school, the Internet is a juicy electronic grapevine virtually crammed with information she wants, like gossip about her favorite movie stars, no-nonsense descriptions of courses offered by the college she plans to attend in the fall and tidbits about bittersweet teen-age life, exchanged in scads of e-mail messages and in online chat rooms.


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