electronic gunの例文


  1. The conventional starter's pistol has been replaced by an electronic gun.
  2. The kids loved the idea of playing with a movie, but seemed to have some difficulty calibrating the electronic gun that fires infrared beams at the TV screen.
  3. But the consultants were among the first things to go when their new-economy clientele suffered a stock market collapse and established companies no longer felt like they were under the electronic gun.
  4. The normal television set is often about as deep as the screen is wide because a normal picture tube, called a cathode ray tube, uses an electronic gun that has to be a certain distance from the screen.
  5. The panelists spent the most time playing " Mad Dog McCrea, " the home video adaptation of a popular arcade game that plays like an interactive movie, with players firing a special electronic gun at a parade of Old West outlaws played by actors.


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