elemenstor sagaの例文


  1. Sites such as Orion's Arm, Galaxiki, and Epic Legends Of The Hierarchs : The Elemenstor Saga encourage the development of fictional universes rather than novels ( though'Epic Legends'is parody of fantasy universes ).
  2. If things like Red vs . Blue, 8-bit Theater, and PvP can all have Wiki pages, including that goofy Elemenstor saga or whatever it called, could justifably fall into the same catagory, and should be deleted as well.
  3. Players add any details they wish about the " TerraDrive Universe ", much like " Epic Legends Of The Hierarchs : The Elemenstor Saga " was developed, which was created by Jerry Holkins of " Penny Arcade ".
  4. "" Epic Legends of the Hierarchs : The Elemenstor Saga " " ( abbreviated as "'ELotH : TES "') is a fan-driven parody of the generic fantasy fiction that serves as the backstory of many fantasy game franchises.


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