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  1. Element 101 : mendelevium; unchanged.
  2. Thus under optimum conditions, the preparation of only one atom of element 101 per experiment could be expected.
  3. In 1955, element 101 was discovered and named mendelevium in honor of D . I . Mendeleev, the first to arrange the elements in a periodic manner.
  4. All of the elements up to einsteinium, element 99, have been checked except for astatine and francium, and fluorine is also known to form compounds with mendelevium, element 101, rutherfordium, element 104, and seaborgium, element 106.
  5. The target material, einsteinium-253, could be produced readily from irradiating plutonium : one year of irradiation would give a billion atoms, and its three-week half-life meant that the element 101 experiments could be conducted in one week after the produced einsteinium was separated and purified to make the target.


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