elffin ap gwyddnoの例文


  1. According to these texts Taliesin was the foster-son of Elffin ap Gwyddno, who gave him the name Taliesin, meaning " radiant brow ", and who later became a king in Ceredigion, Wales.
  2. According to the legendary history of Taliesin, the poet ( not to be confused with the historical figure Taliesin ) was a boy of 12 at the time, and was the bard of Elffin ap Gwyddno.
  3. The child did not die, but was rescued on a Welsh shore  near Aberdyfi according to most versions of the tale  by a prince named Elffin ap Gwyddno; the reborn infant grew to become the legendary bard Taliesin.
  4. He became a figure of legend in medieval Wales and his association with Elffin ap Gwyddno, son of the king of the fabled Cantre'r Gwaelod, off the coast of Ceredigion, may account for the monument's name.


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