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  1. Elfgiva has been awaiting her own chance to run and reunite with him.
  2. Fully in sympathy with Elfgiva and Alard, Cadfael allows her to disappear from the Abbey with the candlesticks.
  3. Cadfael, through patient investigation, finds the candlesticks hidden in a sack of lavender flowers in his own workshop, and identifies the thief as Lady FitzHamon's maidservant, Elfgiva.
  4. He confronts her in secret, and she says that the only theft committed was by Hamo : he commissioned the candlesticks from his villein, Elfgiva's fiance Alard, promising him his freedom in return.
  5. Hamo is enraged, believing her to be the thief of the candlesticks, but Lady FitzHamon ( after a word in her ear from Cadfael ) realises that Elfgiva could expose her infidelity on the night of the theft, and quickly speaks up and says Elfgiva was attending her in her bedchamber that night.


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