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  1. He himself said that he lived with the fairies in the Elfhame.
  2. Cleeves Cove cave, the site of the Elfhame, is said to be connected to Loudoun Hill.
  3. Elfhame or Elfland, is portrayed in a variety of ways in these ballads and stories, most commonly as mystical and benevolent, but also at times as sinister and wicked.
  4. The site at Cleeves Cove cave was previously known as the'Elfhouse'or'Elfhame', the locals at that time believing that elves had made it their abode.
  5. At times, the familiar spirit was believed to take the cunning person on a visionary journey to a place called " Elfhame " ( literally meaning " elf-home " ), which is now often referred to as Fairyland.


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