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  1. Middenschouwen was created in a merger of Duivendijke, Elkerzee, Ellemeet and Kerkwerve in 1961.
  2. Vopak spokesman Bon Ellemeet said EU officials carried out two days of inspections at the company's unit at Dordrecht in the Netherlands.
  3. However, Minoes helps set up a sting in which Ellemeet is filmed shooting at cats and exposed as the cruel villain he is.
  4. In 1705 North married the young Dutchwoman Maria Margaretha de Jonge van Ellemeet ( 1690 1762 ), a daughter of Republic of the Seven United Netherlands.
  5. However, there is one important article that Tibbe does not dare to write : an article on the rich Mr . Ellemeet, the chemical factory owner.


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