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  1. She reminisced about her past as Kenji woos a local beauty named Rory ( played by Ellen Adarna ).
  2. Loyzaga played the role as the iconic Gabriela Salcedo-Elizondo, Arci Munoz, Ellen Adarna and Coleen Garcia's mother.
  3. Directed by Eric Quizon, it is topbilled by Jake Cuenca, Arci Mu駉z, Ejay Falcon, Ellen Adarna, Joseph Marco, Coleen Garcia, Wendell Ramos, and Teresa Loyzaga.
  4. ""'Moonlight Over Baler " "'is an upcoming 2017 Filipino historic romantic film starring Elizabeth Oropesa, Ellen Adarna, Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert.
  5. A few months later Mercado finally grabbed her first win for the controversial FHM Philippines'100 Sexiest Woman after beating Andrea Torres and Ellen Adarna, after Marian Rivera ( which excluded on the list along with Rookies Tricia Santos and China Roces ) vactates the title.


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