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  1. Also in 2006, Barrada was awarded the first Ellen Auerbach Award in Berlin.
  2. Ellen Auerbach was born Ellen Rosenberg in Karlsruhe, Germany, on May 20, 1906.
  3. Between 1946 and 1949 Ellen Auerbach worked with Dr . Sybil Escalona, a child psychologist, at the Menninger psychiatric institute in Kansas.
  4. The women are Grete Stern and Ellen Auerbach, who in 1929 founded a photography studio in Berlin, after having studied with the Bauhaus photography master Walter Peterhans.
  5. The nominees for the most interesting faded reputations to be brought back to light are Ellen Auerbach and Lottie Jacobi, two Bauhaus-era women whose careers are more interesting than the books devoted to them.


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