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  1. International Hockey Federation president Els van Breda Vriesman.
  2. The panel includes five other IOC members _ Els van Breda Vriesman of the Netherlands, Canada's Paul Henderson, Mustapha Larfaoui of Algeria, Singapore's Ser Miang NG and Sam Ramsamy of South Africa.
  3. "As coaching and playing standards achieve ever higher standards of excellence, we must investigate technological assistance to similarly improve the standards of elite umpiring, " said federation president Els van Breda Vriesman.
  4. Els Van Breda Vriesman, secretary general of the International Field Hockey Federation, said she did not understand why Atlanta's Olympic organizers want to continue building an identical surface at the second field hockey stadium nearby.
  5. Breaking the convention of granting a spot to the Olympic host, the International Hockey Federation's president Els van Breda Vriesman said last year that " Greece will have to improve the standard before aspiring to play in the Olympic Games ."


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