emergency action notificationの例文


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  1. Stations are required by federal law to relay Emergency Action Notification ( EAN ) messages immediately ( 47 CFR Part 11.54 ).
  2. However, AT & T reported that the US Air Force used the wrong tape by accident, initiating an Emergency Action Notification, normally issued by the president.
  3. The Emergency Action Notification is the notice to broadcasters that the President of the United States or his designee will deliver a message over the EAS via the PEP system.
  4. In some countries, including Argentina and Venezuela, all stations are mandated to air these messages ( similar in nature to Emergency Action Notifications in the United States ).
  5. On June 26, 2007, the EAS in Illinois was activated at 7 : 35 a . m . CDT and issued an Emergency Action Notification Message for the United States.


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