emergency landing procedureの例文


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  1. After the mine was abandoned, the airstrip was often used by flying instructors from Yellowknife to teach their students emergency landing procedures on abandoned airstrips.
  2. The emergency landing procedure, known as the " localizer only " approach, is created to help aircraft attempting to land without instruments in poor weather conditions.
  3. William took part in training exercises with the Canadian Forces, executing a " water bird " emergency landing procedure over Dalvay Lake in a Sea King helicopter.
  4. A significant problem, one the sports authority did not expect, involved a proposed emergency landing procedure that could bring planes within 200 feet of the stadium roof.
  5. "We said all along that the new so-called localizer-only approach ( emergency landing procedure ) could not be implemented, " said Ted Ferris, president of the state Tourism and Sports Authority.


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