emergency life support systemの例文


  1. But while the idea of high-rise housing may pencil out in theory, the added expense of high-rise construction often outruns the economics of added density through the costs of structured parking, elevators, emergency life support systems and other items.
  2. The statement was seemingly intended to rebut news reports that the king was " clinically dead, " sustained only by emergency life support systems, and it suggested that the hour of his announced death would be determined mainly by political and logistical considerations.
  3. With most of the main crew ( i . e . Magno, BC, Meia etc . ) on the Mission and Parfet outside of the Nirvana in the shuttle all by herself, the 3 bridge operators Amarone Slangeba, Bervedale Coco and Celtic Midori must try to fix the system, and Parfet must contact Nirvana before the Emergency Life Support System goes off.


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