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  1. Degeneracy results because there are more codons than encodable amino acids.
  2. The surprising fact that they are essentially equivalent, in the sense that they are all encodable into each other, supports the Church-Turing thesis.
  3. Documents are rarely, in practice, ever allowed to use more than one encoding internally, so the onus is usually on the markup language to provide a means for document authors to express unencodable characters in terms of encodable ones.
  4. When generated from a real source tape, each waveform on the tape corresponds directly to a tape chunk, such that the source can be accurately reconstructed ( with any non-encodable signals replaced by gaps of equal length .)
  5. The standards organizations chose the largest block available of un-allocated 16-bit code points to use as these code units, and code points from this range are not individually encodable in UTF-16 ( and not legally encodable in any UTF encoding ).


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