engine driven generatorの例文


  1. Gas engine driven generators are similarly designed to diesel engine generators.
  2. Diesel engine driven generators have a running speed in the range of 187rpm to 1800rpm.
  3. Although the country has a large potential for hydroelectric and bagasse-fueled power generation, most of its 226 diesel-engine driven generators.
  4. Located in a mechanical room at the far end of the podium s top floor, the plant consists of two natural gas fired reciprocating engine driven generators with a total generating capacity of 1.5 MW of electrical power.
  5. The FE sets and monitors major systems, including fuel, pressurization and air conditioning, hydraulic, electrics ( engine driven generators, auxiliary power units ), gas turbine compressor / air turbine motor ( APU, GTC, ATM ), ice and rain protection ( engine and nacelle anti-ice, window heat, probe heater ), oxygen, fire and overheat protection of all systems, liquid cooling system ( Boeing E-3 ), draw through cooling system ( Boeing E-3 ), forced air cooling system ( Boeing E-3 ), and powered flying controls.


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