engineering llcの例文


  1. CAIGA sold its stake in Epic to the Russian company Engineering LLC in March 2012.
  2. "' Culver Props Inc "', was an homebuilt and ultralight aircraft . In 2001 the company ceased production and was purchased by Valley Engineering LLC . Valley Engineering turned the company into a brand of propellers.
  3. An eight-person Federal jury took less than one day to return a verdict in favor of V Cars, LLC . The jury found that KCA Engineering LLC, controlled by Dennis Gore, committed fraud and other offenses and awarded $ 2 million in damages to Visionary Vehicles.
  4. Spetstyazhproekt was re-created, and in 2008 NefteGazEnergoStroy Engineering ( NGES Engineering LLC ) was added to the corporate group which included Polynom LLC . A new production and scientific structure, providing engineering support for transportation and facility design for the chemical and petrochemical industries, was forming.
  5. In July 2009, Science Applications International Corporation ( SAIC ) acquired R . W . Beck, Inc .; and in 2011, R . W . Beck Inc . became part of SAIC's Energy, Environment, & Infrastructure LLC ( SEE & I ) Division, which is now Leidos Engineering LLC.


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